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Selected World Wide Web References for
Information Visualization

Bill Kules


Information Visualization tools are moving from research projects to commercial software packages. Along the way, they are acquiring a well-rounded set of features to make them usable by a wide range of users. Tools such as Spotfire and Visual Insights' ADVIZOR/2000 are good examples of this latest generation of tools. Most of the other tools listed below are also good candidates for end-users, although as of today they are not as polished.

This page lists a small subset of Info Viz tools and resources. It is intended to be an accessible starting point for learning about Information Visualization, rather than a comprehensive resource. Except where noted, the tools are available commercially. Evaluation versions can often be downloaded from the company's web site.

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General Information


Table Lens, Mutual Funds demo



Visual Insights, ADVIZOR/2000

Visual Insights, SeeIT

Cognos Visualizer

Knock your socks off:

Cartia/NewsMaps - thematic maps of daily newsfeeds
Hyperbolic Trees/Site Lens, CNNfn demo
LifeLines - research project


Pad++/Jazz - research project

SmartMoney - map of 500+ stocks

Peacock Maps - map of the Internet


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