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Our Background and Goals

Takoma Software's goals are to to provide software development, support and consulting services to organizations that need expertise in a broad range of computer technology, without the expense of a full-time staff. We tailor our service to meet our client's needs, whether that means developing a complete turnkey system, or just providing start-up help for a project. We partner with other experts such as web designers and graphic artists as needed.

We provide personal, ongoing support by listening carefully to our clients. We develop an understanding of their business and their information needs, then we use that knowledge to craft solutions that meet those needs with a minimum of complexity and cost and a maximum of flexibility.


Who We Are

Bill Kules, Principal

Bill has been developing software systems for fourteen years. He has extensive experience in database, networking and web technologies. He founded Takoma Software to provide affordable software development expertise for organizations with information technology requirements that go beyond basic web sites but who don't need a software development department.

Prior to founding Takoma Software, Bill led the development of applications for the wireless telecomm industry, using Java, Perl, C, relational databases, and other web-related technologies. He has expertise on both Unix and Windows platforms, with hands-on experience deploying web sites and traditional applications on both. Bill has contributed to development projects in the areas of commodity trading, banking and customer service software, established the first direct Internet connection for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, and has contributed to major projects in the areas of commodity trading, banking and customer service software.

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